Oh, The Places You'll Go

Sports Night fic

Sports Night Drabbles, Sports Night Grafics, My Two Gay Dads 'verse chronology
Impulse Control, Dan/Casey, Jan, 2009, PG, 374 words
Hovering on the edge of a moment.

Without/Within, Dan/Casey, Dec, 2008, R, 1000 words
That was the way Casey's life worked after all: stroll, stroll, stroll, fuck banana skin.

Through a Foreign Country, Dan/Casey, July, 2008, NC-17, 758 words
It always comes back to Dan.

Nothing More, Nothing Less, Dan/Casey, May, 2008, NC-17, 2400 words
24 hours.

The Omission Bias (When it All Comes Down), Charlie, Dan/Casey, May, 2008, PG-13, 6800 words
"The truth is, Charlie, that being an adult sucks. That sometimes you don't get the choice between what hurts and what doesn't. Sometimes you have to pick what hurts the least and go from there.” Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

Public Decency, Dan/Casey, January, 2008, NC-17, 653 words
Comment porn.

Invisible Ink, Dan/Casey, January, 2008, R, 253 words
Comment porn.

And Nobody Knew They Were There, Dan/Casey, January, 2008, R, 779 words
Comment porn.

Needs A Little More Than Bread, Dan/Casey, January, 2008, R, 331 words
Comment porn.

Breathing Space, Dan/Casey, January, 2008, NC-17, 2300 words
It wasn't a big thing, it wasn't 'we shall never speak of this again', it wasn't tortured hearts and soul-mates sundered by fate and nineteenth-century attitudes in a twentieth century business, it was what it was.

Five By Five, Dan/various, November, 2007, R, 1283 words
Dan. Sex. Love. On a five yearly basis.

Good For Something, Charlie, Dan/Casey, September, 2007, G, 1075 words
And? There's something rotten in the state of McCall. Part of the My Two Gay Dad's 'verse.

2015: Boy Meets Girl, Dan/Casey, Charlie, August, 2008, PG, 583 words
Charlie phones home. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

2011: Fathers and Sons, Charlie, Dan/Casey, August, 2007, PG, 773 words
Family is what you make it. Part of the My Two Gay Dad's 'verse.

2010: I See No Fat Lady, Dan, Jeremy, August, 2007, PG, 899 words
Jeremy needs a friend. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

2008: The Fall, Charlie, Dan/Casey, August, 2007, PG-13, 1064 words
It started as a simple night out. Part of the My Two Gay Dad's 'verse.

Two Arms To Cling To, Dan/Casey, August, 2007, soft R, 1093 words
You know all those times Casey calls Dan a woman?

Safe, But Somehow Sorry, Charlie, Dan/Casey, July, 2007, PG-13, 1553 words
Casey gets more than he bargained for when he goes in search of his pen. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

Tour 2007, Charlie, Danny, July, 2007, PG, 311 words
The Tour de France is about to start. Charlie picks his man. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

So Goes The World, Charlie, Casey/Lisa, Dan/Casey, June, 2007, PG, 754 words
Charlie is four when he realizes he has two daddies. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

No Angel, Kim, June, 2007, PG-13, 806 words
Kim doesn't do God.

Shadows To The Unseen, Dan/Casey, June, 2007, 18, 3162 words
Dan's nightmares are haunting him.

Push It, Dan/Casey UST, June, 2007, PG, 916 words
Casey's date knows nothing about buttons, Dan maybe knows too much.

Don't Know Much About Fate, Dan/Casey, May, 2007, PG-13 (language), 893 words
Mouth is open, Casey - should be shut.

Five Things Charlie Told Dan Before Casey, Charlie, Dan, May, 2007, PG, 1157 words
Five times Charlie told ... you get the picture. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

Five Things Dan/Casey Should Throw Away But Can't Bring Themselves To, Dan and Casey, May, 2007, PG, 679 and 790 words
Yeah, it's all there in the title. Snappy, huh?

Falling, Dan/Casey, April, 2007, PG-13,1436 words
The word 'accident' suggests it was preventable.

Keep The Door, Casey, April, 2007, PG, 307 words
Sunnyside up, sunnyside down — it doesn't matter.

Trudging Slowly Over Wet Sand, Vinegar and Brown Paper, Dan, Dan/Casey, March, 2007, PG-13, 480 and 593 words
Prompts for rat_jam comment fic

Stormy Weather, James Dean, Sincerely Yours, Dan/Casey, March, 2007, PG, 745, 595 and 315 words
Prompts for rat_jam comment fic

Blood Will Tell, Charlie (Dan/Casey implied), March, 2007, PG, 2631 words
Casey's point of connection with his teenage son is under threat. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

Alpha Es Et O, Dan/Casey, February, 2007, PG-13, 587 words
The last kiss, the first and some in between. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

Give A Little Bit More, Casey/Dan, January, 2007, R, 3714 words
I did it 1 time and I liked it, so I did it 2 times got addicted, had to do it 3 times couldn't help it and the number 4 time was the best.

All the Way, What We Are, I've Come For My-, Dan/Casey, January, 2007, R, 729, 762 and 745 words
Three pieces of comment porn written for oxoniensis's porn battle. Prompts: tension, courage and award.

Running Out of Hands, Casey/Dan UST, January, 2007, PG-13, 1000 words
Juggling is harder than it looks.

Under Capricorn, Dan/Casey, December, 2006, R, 1909 words
Dan's made a New Year's Resolution.

Advent, Dan/Casey, December, 2006, PG-13, 2500 words
Lots of things happen in December.

in your games, your rules, you choose to win or lose, Dan/Casey, November, 2006, 15, 11636 words
Life is a board game. Only someone forgot to include the rules.

five ways Dan stops Casey coming and one way he doesn’t, Dan/Casey, November, 2006, 18, 1507 words
I refer the honourable reader to the above title.

Something Not Untoward, Dan/Casey, November, 2006, 18, 919 words
Dan gets an anniversary present.

Funkadelic, Dan/Dave, October, 2006, NC-17, 834 words
Dan's seen Dave move.

Perfect Practice Makes Perfect, Dan/Casey, October, 2006, 12, 1130 words
If at first you don't succeed ...

'My Family', by Charlie McCall, Charlie, September, 2006, PG, 1271 words
It's the beginning of the school year. Must mean another sucky paper to write. Part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse.

Neverland, Dan/Casey, September, 2006, 18, 2475 words
Clap your hands if you believe in fairies.

Carved Until I Set Him Free, Sam Rydell, Dan, Casey, September, 2006, 12 (with caution), 2358 words
Being 16 and being dead wasn't part of the plan.
WARNING: Self-harm

Return to Oz, Dan/Casey, September, 2006, 18, 16190 words
Dan is gone and Casey's world has lost its colour. Getting them both back means facing painful memories.
WARNING: Non-con

Fake Plastic Smiles, Dan/Casey, August, 2006, 15, 6202 words
”Sticking your hand up a girl's skirt was never called a sport in my high school. Recreational activity, definitely."

In Vino Veritas, Dan/Casey, July, 2006, 18, 6416 words
Macbeth, II, iii PORTER: Lechery, sir, [drink] provokes, and unprovokes; it provokes the desire, but it takes away the performance: ... it sets him on, and it takes him off; it persuades him, and disheartens him; makes him stand to, and not stand to; - the same can be said of tequila.

Velleitas, Dan/Casey, July, 2006, PG, 448 words
Sometimes Dan wakes up and wishes he was a woman.

Voice in the Wilderness, Dan/Casey, Casey/Lisa, Dan/OFC, Dan/Rebecca, Dan/OMC, July, 2006, 15, 58989 words
When truth brings tragedy, then it's better to live a lie. But secrecy, too, has its price.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall, Dan/Casey, June, 2006, 18, 2038 words
Two men. A hotel room. A mirror.

Discuss What If..., Dan/Casey, June, 2006, 18, 1433 words
Extended drabble. Boy porn, ladies and gentlemen!

A Matter of Interpretation, Dan/Casey, June, 2006, 15, 1057 words
Linked drabble series, based on the Forbes Seven Rules of Office Romance: Love in the Time of Cubicles

Up Where the Air Is Clear, Dan, Casey, May, 2006, PG, 1351 words
Dan wants to fly a kite. Casey wants Dan.

Armed Dan Dangerous a.k.a Danny Get Your Gun, Dan/Casey, May, 2006, 12, 985 words
Danny. Gun. Cake. What else do you need to know?

When My Boy Walks Down the Street, Dan/Casey, April, 2006, 12, 1016 words
Casey, removal men, grand pianos and a dancing Danny. And a difficult best friend (the other one.)

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Dan/Casey, April, 2006, PG,1411 words
Dan searches for The Truth in a flower. Really.

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Five Things Charlie Told Dan Before Casey
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The Omission Bias (When It All Comes Down)

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"My Family" by Charlie McCall
Blood Will Tell
Safe, But Somehow Sorry
Tour 2007
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Good for Something
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