Oh, The Places You'll Go

Tour 2007

Notes: Tiny, wee ficlet written to celebrate the beginning of the Tour de France, 2007. Don't get me started on what happened next. *cries*

"Cavendish," says Charlie.

"Who now?" asks Dan, handing Charlie a cup of coffee. What Casey can't see won't hurt, right?

"Mark Cavendish," says Charlie, pointing a picture of a small, dark, handsome guy on Dan's laptop. "He was the first one to sign the UCI anti-doping charter. Even though he's racing for Team Telekom he's my guy."

"He's your guy?"

"Yeah. I'm disenchanted with America right now. The Isle of Man seems like a nice place, so Cavendish it is."

Dan's lips twitch at Charlie's attempted air of sophistication.

"Uhuh," he says. "Born there, was he? You know homosexuality's illegal in the Isle of Man, right?"

"It is?" Charlie doesn't look away from the screen as he takes a sip of coffee.

"Mmhmm. Means I won't be entering Douglas any time soon."

"What?!" Charlie rubs at the now be-spattered screen with his sleeve. It's black. No one's going to notice a few drops of coffee. Not even Casey. Dan laughs, quick and loud.

"It's a city, Charlie. Or town. I don't remember which. On the Isle of Man, anyway."

Charlie glares.

"Funny guy."

"I know, it's a cross I bear. No. Wait. Wrong religion. As you were."

Charlie ignores him and goes back to reading the smeary screen. Dan's not sure exactly how much he can see.

"Cancellara for the prologue, maybe Cavendish in Canterbury. Vino overall? Or maybe Kloden," he mutters to himself.

It's more animated than Dan's seen Charlie in weeks. Since before the androgynous, slightly scary, Chiara (or Scuro as Dan never called her to her face) dumped him like a bag of rocks for the President of the school council. Who was a girl. Yeah, that'd hurt. But now Charlie looks great — happy and interested, full of life. Dan can't wait until Casey gets home.

He might get a wipe for the laptop screen first, though.

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