Oh, The Places You'll Go

Sports Night Grafics

Sugar and Spice, Charlie, May, 2007, PG-13
Charlie has something to say. A lot.

One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving, Dan/Casey, January, 2007, PG-13, ~1.5MB
Stick it up your...

Say It With Flowers, Dan/Elliot - I know! October, 2006, PG, ~2MB
Elliot's not so good at this dating game.

Viva Dan's Vagus, Dan/Casey (implied), October, 2006, PG , ~2.8MB
Dan just can't seem to get rid of those hiccups

Chocolate Iced, Kreme Filled, Dan, Dave, October, 2006, 15 (R), ~2MB
Dan wants to fool around, but there's something about a donut.

A Passion So Confused, Elliot/Jeremy, Jeremy/Kim September, 2006, PG, ~160kb
It's a slow news day, and Elliot is not happy.

Oh, Baby! , Dan/Casey, September, 2006, PG, ~280kb
Dan has some concerns. Well, one big one to be precise.

If You Were Gay, Dan, Casey, September, 2006, PG, ~550kb
Dan wants Casey to 'fess up.

It's All in the Timing, Dan/Casey, August, 2006, PG, ~80kb
Dan needs to learn to pay attention.

Out of the Picture, Dan/Casey, August, 2006, 12, ~300kb
Dan can't keep control of his internal monologue.

SubTXT, Dan/Casey, August 2006, PG, ~220kb
Miles mean nothing when you've got opposable thumbs.
People with 'difficult' eyesight may like to dig out that magnifying glass their little brother used to use for torturing studying small insects. Or they may not.