Oh, The Places You'll Go


The first year only the thought of Charlie keeps him going; breathing in and breathing out, glass shards of air across his lungs.

After two years he remembers how to shave, how not to chase after every crooked-mouthed man he sees in the distance.

Five years on he watches old shows obsessively, terrified he'll forget his face, his voice, his smile.

Ten years. Another man holds his hand, sends him off with pebbles in his pockets. "I'm happy," he tells the simple stone. "I didn't mean to be, but I am."

There is silence, a quiet kiss, and a smile.

As Houses - part of the My Two Gay Dads 'verse

Charlie was ten when he finally proved his dad was gay. Not that he caught him making out with some guy (hey, there, Uncle Dan) or singing show tunes or anything.

No, the big clue was the manporn he found hidden in the back of the closet. If he'd been caught he was going to say he was looking for Narnia. His dad was a sucker for that lion. It was just- it was a big closet, with old, interesting stuff and it was easier to find out things that way than ask.

The naked guys? Surprising but not unexpected.

It made sense to him, even if he was 'just a kid'. Well, some of it; Charlie's dad had always loved Danny more than his mom, for sure. The dicks bigger than Charlie's forearm? Kinda scary and, dude, where were they even putting that?

Charlie put the magazine back carefully and snuck out of the room.

Later, he wondered if he should be more traumatized, maybe he'd act out during his delicate teenage years, or something. But for now, it was a secret, one he and his dad shared. And Charlie planned to keep it safe — for all of them.

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