Oh, The Places You'll Go


This Isn't The Garden I Know

A set of four drabbles. This is a SN/Strangers In Paradise crossover, where SiP is an excellent comic by Terry Moore about two girls (Katchoo and Francine) who love each other, but one of them insists they are straight (oh, so simplistically put). At this crossover point in canon, Dan is interning in LA and Katchoo is also there, escaping an abusive step-father. She has become a high-class prostitute known as Baby June. That should be all you need to know. For further information on SiP please visit Strangers In Paradise at Wikipedia

Take My Hand

Something about the way she sat hunched over her drink, curtained by blonde hair, ordering refills with a simple snap of her finger, made Dan stick out his hand and say,

"What's your name?"

"Baby June," she said without looking up. Dan raised an eyebrow. He'd been in LA long enough to know what that meant.

"No, really," he persisted.


"That's a name?"

She looked up and smiled, taking his hand. She was extraordinarily beautiful, almost flawlessly symmetrical. But it was the deep sadness in her eyes that made Dan nod when she asked,

"Want to take me home?"

A Stranger In Paradise

She was well practised, knew exactly what to touch, pinch, squeeze, lick, stroke, kiss, suck. She even made it seem like he was doing something for her. Maybe he was. But he knew he was gauche, fumbling, acting his age and inexperience.

She was too young to be this good. Intellectually, he was aware of her particular subset of skills. He appreciated the effort. Physically? Something wasn't happening.

She stopped what she was doing and climbed his body to kiss his lips, stroke her thumb across the corner of his eye.

"How long have you known you're gay?" she asked.

Lost In A Wonderland

Katchoo cradled Dan's head against her chest, soothing him with nonsense words. Unrequited love, huh? What a bitch. Dan's description of Casey reminded her of someone she had hoped to forget.

She closed her eyes and thought of a tall, dark girl, heart as wide open as a Montana sky and hang-ups like quills on a porcupine. Her heart quickened despite itself.

Memories crowded in of conversations in corridors, watching in a darkened auditorium, crawling through a bedroom window, hands reaching for her. Not enough time. Not enough.


Her arms tightened around Dan and she cried for them all.

Stranger No More

"Will I see you again?"

"No." Katchoo met Dan's eyes and nodded, sharp and determined.

"A change is gonna come, huh? Good."

She took his hand and placed it over his heart.

"This pain, this love you feel. You think no one can possibly understand." She transferred his hand to her breast. "But I do. And when it swells up and threatens to break you, remember that. You're not alone, Danny."

She dropped his hand.

"And if you want me to come kick Lisa's ass? That's cool too."

Dan watched her retreating back. And the world shone a little brighter.

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