Oh, The Places You'll Go


Hide it under a bushel? No!

If Dan was honest, he'd been a fairly hopeless kid. It was David, with his incredible gift for the piano, and Sam, with his adult-sized brain and genius for science, who'd really shone. Funny thing was, he'd never resented either of them for it. He knew his place. Middle kid, directionless, adrift, belonging to nowhere, no one.

But now, as Miranda fidgeted with his hair and Jo powdered his nose, as Casey chattered about the Cowboys — first night nerves, Dan knew — as the red light flicked on. Now. It was his turn. He switched on his smile. Time to shine.

O Vain Petitioner

Isaac greeted the latest rumours with customary asperity. But they did not cease. So he began watching. Saw Dan's weary eyes' ceaseless search: never stopping until they found Casey; pausing briefly before resuming their endless roving. There was no joy in them anymore; no brilliant, blazing sunlight.

He saw impassioned pleading through closed doors as Dan tried so desperately, so impossibly, to hold onto hope. Saw Casey's gentle but unyielding responses. And, as Isaac's heart shattered for his dear, helpless boys, he saw Dan break, stumble, reach out his hand for something that was never there. Moonshine in the water.

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