Oh, The Places You'll Go

Rewind - Weirdshit Shagfest

The Cut Man Cometh - Again

"Casey," he shouted, "Casey, I think I'm gonna...!"

Dan took his mouth from the bearded man's cock long enough to say, "It's Dan."

It was too late, the Cut Man's semen shot out of him like an express train, splattering his white, wobbling belly and splashing, scalding hot on Dan's cheek. Dan wiped a finger through the sticky liquid, sucking it like a lollipop.

"Oh, Cut Man," he said. "One day, I'll be so good at that you'll remember my name." A tear dropped from his puppy-like eyes, salty liquids mingling.

The older man snored, oblivious.

Dan sighed. One day...

Seconds Away, Round Two!

"Dan!" Cut Man yelped as Casey's fingers slipped into his ass.

"Casey," said Casey.

"Casey!" groaned Cut Man as Dan slipped underneath his straining arms, bringing his cock close to the older man's mouth.

"Dan," said Dan.

"It's easy. Chuck," said Casey. "Casey does this." And fingers were replaced by the blunt thrust and sharp pain of Casey's cock.

"Dan does this." Cut Man was dragged downwards by his beard, his mouth opening, filling with Dan's cock.

"You like that? Chuck?"

The Cut Man mumbled.

"What was that?"

A small, sucking pop.

"Cut Man," said Cut Man, resuming his position.

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