Oh, The Places You'll Go

Rescue Me Titles: Series 3


Insubordinate Subconscious

"Do it, do it," said the little voice in his head.

"Shut up!" Casey hissed at it.

The only time he had given his subconscious free reign he had slept with Lisa without protection. And although he could never regret Charlie, his beautiful boy, he did regret he had to stay in a marriage already long past its sell-by-date.

"Do it, do it." The voice had been nagging at him for weeks now, months, maybe years. But now it was almost constant and deafening.

"Do it, do it." He looked up. Was it his imagination or were Dan's lips moving?


Marco Polo

You have journeyed far to reach the uncharted terrain of his body now lying open before you. You map every hard ridge and soft valley: the smooth, cool, white plains, the dark, tropical forests, moist and burning hot. Your tools are your lips, your tongue, your fingers. A 3D image forms, storing itself in your brain, safe against the future. You slide your body against his, finding the places that fit together, the places that don't. You search out the dark spaces, push into them, seeking out hidden treasures, discovering what makes him moan.

You're going to enjoy this trip.


Take Me Out to the Ball Game

"Come out from behind the couch, Danny."

"I can't."

"You're such a woman."

"If it makes you happy to believe that, then yes I am."

"You're going to miss it."

"Think carefully. You may discover that's the point."


"Casey, this one hit could change the course of Mets baseball history. It's huge. It's vital. It's unbearable!"

"Come out, Danny."

"What's happening?"

"The pitcher's still warming up."

"I can't stand this. Pitch already."

"Danny. You're hiding, the TV's muted, I could be lying. The game could be over."

"Is it?"

"Not telling. Come on, Danny. Step up to the plate."


I Sing the Body Electric

Dan wandered into the office, shell-shocked.

"You OK?" asked Casey. A mute head shake. Dan opened his laptop and pressed a button. There was a flash of blue light, a crackle, a sharp sour smell, then lots of smoke.

"What the...?"

"I don't know, Casey. I woke up. Tried to turn on the TV. Same thing happened. I fritzed the machine on the subway and the coffee guy is still shaking. I think I'm...charged up somehow."

"The coffee guy?"

"Our hands touched."

"You have static hands?"

"It seems so."

"Just your hands?"

"I don't know?"

"Wanna try?" He smiled. Electric.


Comfort In Sound

It was a slow news day. Exceptionally slow. The news team sat around. Bored, waiting vainly for news to happen. They had exhausted their usual options.

"Mellifluous," Dana broke the tedious silence.

"What?" asked Natalie.

"Favourite sounding word."

"Oh. Serendipity."

"Antidisestablishmentarianism," chimed in Will.

"Persiflage," Jeremy's contribution.

"Obstreperous," said Casey, studiously ignoring the muttered "Yeah, that'd be right," from his partner.

"Prestidigitation," this from Chris.

"Cadillac," added Dave.

"Cellar door," said Dan.

"Doesn't count. Two words."

"OK. Philharmonic."

"Coruscating," Elliot's choice.

"Peace," said Isaac. Everyone smiled and nodded.

"Chlamydia," said Kim to disbelieving stares.

"What?" she asked, eyes wide. "What?"


Noon of the Dead

Dan was first to raise his head from the conference table.

"Must we do a show today?"

"That's what we're paid for," mumbled Dana through her hair.

"But look at us!" Dan exclaimed to a general chorus of "Shhh!"

"Anyone wearing blue?" asked Natalie. "I can't look at anything blue right now." Her stomach lurched. "Or maybe ever again."

"Good lord," said Isaac entering and surveying the pathetic remnants of his team. "What happened?"

"Blue margaritas," moaned Casey.

"Boogie shoes," intoned Jeremy.

"This isn't a George Romero film set. Make my show."

"Yes, Isaac," groaned his staff.

No one moved.


Can't Get No

Dan made a low, growling sound as he kissed his way up Casey's body.

"God, Danny. You're insatiable."

Casey was right. He was. Dan needed to claim back lost time. He had waited years for Casey to get his priorities straight. To understand and accept the inevitability of love and belonging.

So Dan couldn't get enough. Even buried deep inside Casey he needed to be closer still. He wanted to unzip Casey's skin, climb inside and stay there, lost forever, curled around Casey's heart. Dan's tongue found Casey's, revelling in his warmth. He felt his cock swell.

"Again," he said.

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