Oh, The Places You'll Go

Rescue Me Titles: Series 2


Won't You Come Out Tonight?

"You have...52...new messages."

Yeah, thought Dan and how many from Mom? He pressed erase and walked to the window, leaning his head on the cool glass. Yep the world continued to spin. Go figure. How could Casey do that? No discussion, no warning, no sirens, no red lights, just a drop-in in the final round-up.

"...Also in New York tomorrow it's Gay Pride. Dan and I will be there. Hope you join us. You've been watching Sports Night..."

Dan couldn't get home quick enough. Still time for 52 messages. The phone rang.

"Leave a message..."

"Danny? Pick up. Please. Please..."


Ebony and Ivory

It wasn't anything in particular that gave them away. It's not like she caught them making out in Natalie's favourite closet. It was the little things. Their hyper-awareness of each others' presence. The way thoughts passed unspoken between them. The Yin and Yang of personalities in perfect balance, calm and crazy, open and hidden by turns. The way they walked to the studio, limbs moving in faultless rhythm, separated in space by a microscopic distance, never clashing nor moving apart. They belonged, fitted in every possible way, though it hurt to admit.

Two bodies. Two minds. Two souls. In harmony.



"I can't find them," Dan searched, frantic.

"Calm down, Danny. They'll turn up."

"But I need them now."

"Can't you get some new ones?"

"No, Casey. These are special. David Duvall gave them to me."

"You can only play with David Duvall's balls?" Dan sniggered.

"It's not that they're the only balls I can play with, Casey. Just that they're sport-specific, you know."

"Oh," said Casey, rising from behind his desk. "So you wouldn't be interested in this then?" He indicated his jeans, pockets bulging strangely.

"David Duvall's balls!"

"Come and get 'em, baby."

Dan did as he was told.


780 Verbal

"You know your problem, Casey."

"I'm sure you're going to tell me."

"You're so goddam polite. It wouldn't kill you to curse once in a while."

"I just don't feel the need, Danny. There are better words."

"Are there?"

"Danny, what...?"

Dan advanced on his partner, grabbing his head in both hands, devouring him with an intense kiss. His teeth grazed Casey's lips and his tongue refused to take no for an answer. His hand, shoved into Casey's pants, wrapping around his friend's reflexive erection.

"Fuck, Danny! Fuck! Please..."

Dan grinned. His hand withdrew and he sauntered away, whistling.




"There" (Touch me.)

"Just..." (Your eyes burn my skin.)

"Ah..." (Your hands are so soft. Why are they so soft?)

"God, that's good." (I still can't believe you are here with me. Is this a dream?)

"Oh, please. Yes. Please." (Shivers of electricity, you take control of me. I'm losing myself. I don't care.)

"Uh..." (Warm and wet, warm and wet and so fucking hot.)

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." (Where did you learn that? Who taught you that? I should kiss them. I should kill them.)

"Don't stop." (Never leave me.)

"I can't...I can't..." (Love you. Always love you.)

"..." (...)


Together Again?

When the paterfamilias calls you answer. And they did. Ten years after Sports Night ended Isaac's second family made their way to his 80th birthday party.

"I have great-grandchildren now!" he beamed as Charlie placed his daughter in Isaac's arms, Casey proud at his side. Dana put her arms around the waists of her tall teenage sons, flashing a warning glance at Kim, still sexy, still on the prowl. Elliot, Chris, Dave and Will huddled in a corner taking bets on when Natalie and Jeremy's youngest would throw up.

"Where is he?" asked Isaac.

"He'll be here," said Casey, hoping.



Lisa always made him feel ashamed. Ashamed of the simple things he wanted in life like a job he loved, a wife he loved, a child he loved. For her it always had to be bigger, better and if Casey couldn't do it...well she made sure he knew it.

Danny never made him feel like that. Danny loved him, accepted him open-heartedly, wide-eyed. Worshipped him with his body, trusted him with his heart. So when Casey crawled out of Dan's bed in the dark to go home to his wife, how did Dan's sleeping form make him feel so ashamed?


Keeping Faith

Sitting in the synagogue, Dan reflected on a previous visit. That had been to bury his brother. Now it was his father's turn. In between were years of estrangement and bitter recrimination. Dan thanked the God of whom he remained unsure that his father's illness had provided an opportunity to reconcile. It had not been easy, no hearts and flowers, but the greatest victories are always hardest won. By his father's death Dan felt they had forged a real understanding.

He looked down at the hand holding his. Dan didn't believe in much. But he did believe in second chances.


Einstein Extrapolated

"Energy is neither created nor destroyed, merely converted from one form to another."

"Your point is...?"

"I've been here forever. You've been here forever. We're just recycled atoms. Stardust. Did you know the body is totally renewed every seven years? Every atom in my body has already passed through endless plants, animals, people. So death has no reality. We're always dying and being renewed. It doesn't matter."

"What doesn't matter?"

"Being without you. Because this multiplicity of atoms that make up you and me? Will find each other again."

"That's beautiful."

"As are you, Casey McCall. As are you."


Oops I Did It Again

"That was dumb, Danny."

"I know."

"I mean really dumb."

"I know."

"Jeremy's smarter than you. You can't impugn his manhood like that and expect to get away with it."

"I laugh in the face of Danger and, you know, kick the shins of Trouble or whatever."

"Oh yes, Simba, definitely smarter than you."

"Can you stop saying that?"

"What? That he's smarter than you?"


"He is."

"Says who?"

"Danny, the guy invented an entire computer program just to figure out where to take Natalie on their first date. He has superior resources."

"I am so screwed."

"Oh yes."


Sally's Secret

She was used to people thinking she was a bitch. She was tall, beautiful, driven and a woman in a man's world. Most of the time she didn't mind. If being considered a bitch got things done then so be it. But the truth was she wasn't. Not really. Yes, she had done some shitty things but hadn't everybody? The thing with Gordon? A stupid, stupid mistake. But she had gotten her comeuppance.

It was supposed to be just sex. It wasn't. Not for her. With him. And now she had to watch him panting after her. Bitch. Lucky bitch.


Right Here, Right Now

Dan lay in bed, sleepless. The cause: the warm, naked body snuggled tight against his side, arm thrown over his chest. It seemed to Dan this was all he had ever wanted. He was a kaleidoscope of emotions. There was love, of course, exhilaration, a touch of fear. And something else, so intangible that Dan was almost afraid to recognise it. He cupped his hands protectively around the fragile flicker of happiness. Willing it to stay alive.

He would not sleep. In the morning life would intrude; this would be gone. For now Dan would take what he could get.


What Do We Want?

"There's no justice in this world, Danny."


"No justice at all."


"If there was Jerry Falwell would be my shoe-shine boy, Rostonkowski would stay the hell away from my alma mater and Isaac would be the President."

"Of what?"

"Of the USA."


"There's no justice, Danny, that's all I'm saying."

"And you're saying it a lot."

"I'm sorry. Am I being too repetitive for you?"

"Just a little. Yes."

"It was a travesty, Danny."

"It was provolone, Casey."

"And Kim took the last slice."

"That woman is pure evil."

"No justice, Danny."


"Just us."

"Just us."

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