Oh, The Places You'll Go


Share and Share Alike

Casey was pantless. He had refused to share details about his latest date with Natalie so now he was being punished.

Taking it in his stride, Casey twirled and bowed his way through the office to cat-calls and wolf whistles.

Natalie looked over and grinned. Her jaw dropped. Red boxers. Red silk boxers.

Last time she had seen those was at craft services when Dan spilt coffee on his jeans and had rapidly stripped.

"Nice boxers, partner," Dan smirked. Casey grinned; his eyes slid across to meet Natalie's. He raised his eyebrows.

"Oh!" exclaimed Natalie, blushing a deep, fiery red.

The Stuff of Life

Isaac hums cheerful show-tunes as he chops carrots for Esther. He hisses as the kitchen knife slips and nicks his finger. He stares fascinated as the sharp, red blood begins to pool in the shallow cut. Blood. So vital. His life force.

Isaac thinks of the time his blood worked against him; forming the pitiless clot in his brain, oh so quietly. His world ceasing abruptly. Waking up half a man. He gazes at the blood oozing from the cut, painting his nail. He focuses on the vivid sting of pain.

Isaac is thankful he can feel anything at all.

Love is the sweetest thing?

"This is not what I had in mind when I bought these," Dan whined. Naked and blindfolded he indicated the strands of red licorice tying him to the bed with a jerk of his chin.

"Necessity is the mother of invention, Danny." Casey grinned wolfishly.

"Yeah? Well necessity can kiss my ..."

"Daniel Rydell, watch your mouth!"

"But Casey I was going to eat them. Good ones are pretty hard to come by."

"You've got one left." Casey straddled Danny's chest. The sweet smell of red licorice mixed with the sharper scent he associated with Casey invaded Danny's nose.

"Eat this!"

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