Oh, The Places You'll Go


Rocks and Towers

When they were kids, Dan and Sam loved thunderstorms. They would run outside into the vertical rain, ignoring their mother's calls, tracking the storm - one second, two seconds - it's coming closer!

Returning home, soaked through, they would race upstairs to change, accepting their mother's admonishments and the proffered mugs of steaming chocolate. Sitting round the kitchen table, newly dry, hands wrapped round hot china, Dan felt truly warm.

Now, when it thunders, Dan feels cold. He stands outside and talks to Sam, seeing him in each lightning flash, hearing him in each thunderclap. In the rain, his tears are invisible.

Hurricanes Hardly Happen

Dan's incessant humming stopped.

"So where exactly is the plain?"

"What plain?" Casey rolled his eyes - no good would come of this.

"The plain in Spain."

"In Spain?"

"The rainy plain."

"The rainy plain?"

"Where Spanish rain mainly falls."

"Let me get this straight. You want to know where the rainy plain in Spain is?"

"I do."


"Because then I'll know which part of Spain to avoid."

"You were planning on going to Spain?"


"Then why...?"

"It's something I feel I ought to know."

Casey buried his head in his hands.

"I hate slow news days," he muttered.

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