Oh, The Places You'll Go

Transmission Status: Pending

The fax paper is shiny, like the offer borne in smudged ink that Casey reads from it.

It's a lot of money, even more prestige, and Casey knows he should want it badly, knows he should feel the stomach-clenching, bitter-tasting buzz of adrenaline but he doesn't and he doesn't understand why.

He rereads until the numbers and words begin to jumble and blur and he thinks 'I can't,' and 'It's too far,' and 'I bought a hat.'

The phone rings; Danny, of course. Casey relaxes.

When he hangs up the paper is already in the trash.

Casey washes his hands.

Home Improvements

Charlie says no, thank you, paint, please and, when Casey tries to insist, stops him.

"Dad, you haven't forgotten the ducks. No one in Dallas has forgotten the ducks."

Casey sputters and turns red.

Dan grins. "Ducks?"

"I picked out this wallpaper. With ducks. I was, like, four, so don't even. Was pretty crappy quality. Dad wound up covered in paste, the paper tore and it was this whole thing." Charlie looks contemplative. "There was a lot of cursing. Must be where I got my potty-mouth."

"So," says Casey, briskly, "Paint?"


Dan laughs, and gets out of the way.

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