Oh, The Places You'll Go



She is gorgeous; he is (in all fairness) a geek. He asks her out — she says yes. A few years later he asks her to marry him: yes again. It's too easy, but he's not going to question it.

Fast-forward ten years and there's yelling and throwing things and she's not-so-politely asking him to leave. He places his key on the table before he walks out. He can barely lift his hand from it; itís possibly the hardest thing he's ever done. He thinks back to the beginning. Life is all about balance.

Casey was never that good a gymnast.

Wise Men Say

Falling in love was easy. Nothing to it. A pretty smile, sharp wit, kind eyes and he was there.

He loved it because it meant all dates were potentially The One. But then sometimes he hated it because it meant all dates were potentially The One. Mixed blessing, he thought, then wondered why that phrase made him think of a bad sitcom starring Joey Lawrence.

Falling out of love was harder. Sometimes he thought he left a little of himself behind each time. Maybe one day he'd run out.

Then again--he glanced sideways--maybe now he wouldn't have to.

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