Oh, The Places You'll Go


Annie are you OK?

He slips stealthily into your room. You lie still in the dark, eyes closed. A slight shiver thrills your body as covers are pulled back, agonizingly slowly.

You feel his warmth as he comes close, placing a soft kiss on your lips. The bed sinks as he straddles you, his weight imprinting your shape on the mattress. He kisses, strokes, licks his way down, shifting his position to take your willing cock into his mouth. You don't cry his name when you come.

Footsteps pad away. You are alone. Your eyes open, smiling. You've been struck by a smooth criminal.

Graffiti on the Fourth Wall

Stretching the prompt a bit - this one's for Crimes Against Fandom!


"That couch belongs in a torture chamber," complained Dan. "I've got cricks in my cricks. You should get a new one."

"Can't. It's a Plot Device."


"A Plot Device. It's painful so that authors can make us Share a Bed, ensuring we Wake Up Gay in compromising positions and Hi-Jinks Ensue."

"Sharing a Bed means we Wake Up Gay?"

"Fangirl logic, my friend."

"And Hi-jinks Ensue?"

"Xtreme Slash."

"Are you smoking crack?"


"Are they?"

"Very probably."


"We can go shopping for a new Plot Device tomorrow if you like."

Dan's hand found Casey's.

"Maybe we can compromise."

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