Oh, The Places You'll Go


Cotton Candy

So you are a candy-ass. You know that.

It had been the perfect opportunity. The two of you, sinking beers, turning over your crappy love-lives. Wondering aloud how two great me could suck so hard with women. Admitting you had more fun together than dating. Sitting close, thighs almost touching. Dan saying,

"You and me? 's like being married. Great company and no sex." He turns and you think you can read the dare in his eyes but you're a coward so you say,

"My marriage? No sex and bad company." He shuts down. You curse yourself.

Cotton-candy. You'll never change.

Candy is Dandy

Dan scooped up a colourful handful of M&Ms and poured them into his mouth.



"Don't eat the ante!" Natalie put down her cards and slapped Dan's head. "That was my best hand yet, idiot!"

Dan shrugged, unconcerned.

"Was hungry."

"So eat the pizza, not the pot!"

"Yeah, but I was thinking ..." he said slowly, catching Casey's eye. "If the candy's gone we could, maybe, change the stakes."

"Whadda you mean?"

He shrugged again, pretending to think. A sly smile twisting his lips.

"Strip poker?"

Casey grinned and, holding Dan's gaze, he reached for a handful of candy.

In Which Casey Does Not Fudge The Issue

"Her name's Candy," Dan declared.

"Her name's what?"


"Is she a stripper?"


"Porn star?"




"Then why's she called Candy?"

"Her mom had a sweet tooth? I don't know! The point is, should I call her?"

"Do you want to?"

"She's called Candy."

"Do you want to?"

"I don't have any better offers."

"But if you did?"

"I wouldn't call Candy, no."

"Want to go for a drink with me?"

"With you?"


"That's an offer?"


"A date offer?"

"Yeah." Casey's voice was almost inaudible. Dan's heart thunked in his chest.

"It's a date ... Gumdrop."

Melts In Your Mouth, Not In Your Hand

It was Dan's idea. It was always Dan's idea. Casey was just concerned about the state of his sheets.

But as he licked a dark, sticky trail from the dip behind Dan's ankle, to the rough knoll of his knee, across the searing plains of his thigh, down into the deep valley and through the forests of his groin and up, up, up, along the ridge of his cock to the soft, swelling peak beyond, Casey had to admit that the chocolate sauce had been a great idea.

Casey swirled his tongue around and thought of summer days and ice-cream.

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