Oh, The Places You'll Go


Out of Time

Dan lay quiet, motionless: eyes closed. He looked pale and thin, Casey thought. Cold. He fidgeted with the stiff blankets, tucking them in tightly, smoothing the creases away. Dan's quirky lips were curved in an almost smile. Casey traced their outline slowly with his little finger. He couldn't remember a time when he hadn't wanted to do that.

He leaned down towards his best friend; warm, pink lips softly touching cold ones, blue-tinged. Too late. A tear carved a path down Dan's cheek.

"I love you, Danny," he whispered, first time and last, drawing the sheet gently over Dan's face.

Bolt from the Blue

"Sure you don't want to watch porn with me?"

"Sure, Danny."

"Blue movie?"


"But it might give you some ideas."

"Are you saying I need educating in the ways of love?"


"I'm pretty good you know..."

"According to whom?"

"Lisa. Other women."





"Who said we were talking about women?"

"We weren't?"

"See this title?"

"Shaving Ryan's Privates?"


"That's...not about women."


"Is there something you want to tell me, Danny?"



"But there is something I'd like you to see."

"And that would be what?"

"Just press play, Casey. Just press play."

We Attack the Mayor With Houmous

"What we need is some blue-sky thinking," stated Dana.

A collective response of "huh?"

"Blue-sky thinking: coming up with hosts of ideas without restrictions of practical considerations. An optimistic assumption of no obstacles or opposition to implementing the ideas. If you will, crazy talk," explained Jeremy.

Multiple nods of comprehension; an accusing stare from Dana.

"We must save CSC," she exhorted. "No idea is too stupid."

"Plant our flag in the cable main-frame and take over revolutionary style," suggested Dan.

"Call the A-Team," contributed Kim.

"Send for the pretty Mountie," Natalie drooled.

"May need to reset the parameters," muttered Dana darkly.

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