Oh, The Places You'll Go

Black And White

Return to Oz

After Dan left your world became black and white. You had barely noticed at first as sharp, vibrant colours leached, lumen by lumen, becoming more subtle, flat, mere tints. Until one morning the spectrum had vanished: an external monochrome landscape to match the emotional wasteland inside.

"If Danny was here he'd convince you you had a brain tumor." You remember sunglasses; Dan's shoulder under your hand.

"If Danny was here this wouldn't be happening."

In time this world of shade and shadow becomes second nature. So you almost miss the red light on the answering-machine as it blinks three times.

Positional Play

They had moved into the endgame. Play had been cagey from the start: defensive. Each piece advanced cautiously, each move completed with due consideration for implications, repercussions, complications. Other pieces were removed unceremoniously, one by one. There were conversations, veiled hints, steps forward to breathe each other's air, hearty slaps and fleeting glances. The Kings increasingly exposed. Now on the board, proud White King, hand resting on young pawn, sole ally. And brave Black King, solitary, eyes hooded in dark armour.

Then, with soft-spoken voice ("Sorry, kiddo"), the Black King removes the pawn and, lips parted, makes his final move.

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