Oh, The Places You'll Go

NCIS fic

Don't Care Much For Words of Doom, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 9.11.11, 3800 words
Tony's having an existential crisis. There's only one place he wants to go.
Episode Tag for 908: Seventh story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

The Travel Pills Won't Keep You on Your Feet, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 7.11.11, 2830 words
Sometimes Tony's obsessions can be safely ignored. Sometimes they can't. Or. Four people walk into a bar...
Episode Tag for 907: Sixth story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

If it Moves Mountains, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 27.10.11, 3385 words
After the events of the day, Tony and Tim wait together in the Emergency Room. Even when they're going nowhere, they're going somewhere.
Episode Tag for 906: Fifth story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

All the Years at Quarter Speed, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 19.10.11, 1962 words
Some things get uncovered, and we're not just talking Tony's ass.
Episode Tag for 905: Fourth story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

Reasons to be Cheerful, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 12.10.11, 1925 words,
Tony's acting weird (weirder than usual, that is) and Tim has some concerns.
Episode Tag for 904: Third story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

Still Here Tomorrow, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 05.10.11, 3251 words
Tim is writing. Or rather, he wishes he were writing. He's been sitting staring at the same blank page in the typewriter for so long time is beginning to lose all meaning.
Episode Tag for 903: Second story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

Starting From Scratch, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 28.09.11, 4021 words
Following his conversation with Gibbs, Tony has something to say to Tim. (Episode tag for 902 - 'Restless')
Episode Tag for 902: First story in the Starting From Scratch 'verse

Not All Angels Come With Polished Haloes, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 23.12.10, 3596 words
Heading home from touring abroad, the band find themselves stuck at the airport. Christmas will have to be cancelled.

Cold Hands, Warm Heart, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 29.11.10, 9522 words
Tim's unexpected tumble has unforeseen and dangerous consequences. It's time for Tony to step up.

An Interesting Proposal, DiNozzo/McGee, Adult, 04.11.10, 2640 words
"We should get married," says Tony.

And Tim says, "Buh?"

Saving Grace, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 03.10.10, 2906 words
It's been a bad, bad day and Tim needs someone to talk to.

Hershey's Got Nothing On You, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 05.09.10, 3816 words
There's a whole lot of kissing going on.

One Day, Three Ways, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 30.07.10, 400 words
Tony's had a long day.

Fill the Lovin’ Cup, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 25.07.10, 2771 words,
"Hi," says Tony, leaning an elbow on the sparkling white counter. He grins and pushes his sunglasses down his nose, looking over the top of them at the austere-looking, grey-haired woman sitting behind a monitor. "We're here to make a deposit."

In a Dangerous Time, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 23.07.10, 2551 words
When an undercover mission puts Tony's life in danger, Tim can think of only one way out. WARNING: Potential dub-con trigger. Please consider using a pre-reader if you are concerned.

What Life Is Made Of, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 19.07.10, 2200 words,
Sometimes it's harder to know what you want than to get it. Post 719-Guilty Pleasure.

Feel My Needle Hit the Groove, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 05.04.10-15.07.10, 36438 words,
Some days, Tony likes to think they will be the greatest band in the history of rock'n'roll. A Band Heroes ‘verse AU.

Get to What’s Real, DiNozzo/McGee, G, 13.05.10, 849 words,
After the conversation in the Observation Room, Tony's got some questions only one person can answer.

Learning By Doing: The DiNozzo Way, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 24.03.10, 2121 words,
Tim's not the only writer in the household. Probably should be, though.

Not Just Telling Stories, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 22.02.10, 1495 words,
Families. Can't live with 'em, can't legally murder them and bury their bodies under the decking. Two stories of a coming out nature.

Caught Us, Interrupt Us, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 22.02.19, 409 words
How Abby finds out.

Like the River, I've Been Running, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 21.02.10, 3428 words
Everyone knows that change is gonna come--it's how you deal with it that matters.

I Have This Senior Partner, Tony..., gen (Tony and Tim), G, 17.02.10, 446 words
I have this senior partner, Tony. He is tall and very annoying.

A Better Way to Fall, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 01.02.10, 1613 words
When the world's determined to spit in your coffee, sometimes you just need to hold on.

Take it With You When You Go, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 31.01.10, 2254 words
"Are you trying to make me break up with you?" he asks again

Are We There Yet? How About Now? DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 26.01.10, 1302 words
Tony is bored. Possibly even Episode One bored. This can only spell trouble.

Varying the Parameters DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 14.01.10, 1695 words
Tony struggles, but Tim won't let him fall. (Episode tag for 7x12 Flesh and Blood)

Work Up a New Appetite, DiNozzo/McGee (preslash), PG-13, 05.01.10, 1000 words
Tony develops an oral fixation, only nobody told him it's supposed to be about his mouth.

Stone Walls Do Not a Prison Make, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 20.12.09, 6171 words
Circumstances conspire to throw Tim and Tony together for Christmas Day. But things are not always what they seem, and with one hiding something and the other acting strangely it could be a bumpy flight.

Cat Out of the Bag, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 29.11.09, 5005 words
There are feelings. Tony's having feelings and they're not nice ones. At least, he doesn't think they are, he's usually too busy interrogating others' motives to have any time to spare for his own. Plus, there's the whole thing where emotions are messy and if his mom ever taught him anything, it was to keep his room tidy.

A Richer Dust Concealed, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 13.11.09, 2600 words
Sequel to
At the Going Down of the Sun
Returning to Arlington, Tony makes an unexpected, but not unwelcome, discovery.

At the Going Down of the Sun, gen, (Tim and Tony), G, 08.11.09, 2800 words
Tony's going to tell Uncle Jack just how pissed off he is at him for dying. At least, that's the plan. Only somehow Tony's plans never work out quite the way he expects.

Logical Absurdities, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 01.11.09, 3600 words
Post ep for 701 (Truth or Consequences) Tony has a headache. Nothing showy like a migraine--no flashing lights or spectacular vomiting for him--just the regular unpleasant kind, a thousand tiny kung-fu black belts synchronized-punching the area behind his eyes over and over again. The kind where if you take your hands away from your head long enough your brain will split in two and sloppily slide out of your ears, squelching underfoot.

Conversations About Pants, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 18.10.09, 1300 words
Tim wants leather pants. Tony has other ideas.

Wrong Move, Right Time, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 10.10.09, 2600 words
Post ep for 703 (Inside Man). Tim has some 'splaining to do.

Rocky Road, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 07.10.09, 2000 words
Tony brought Tim a cookie, but he eated it. And he feels reallly, really bad about it.

Takin' a Crazy Chance, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 04.10.09, 5000 words
Secret boyfriends, that's what they aren't.

Don't Mean a Thing If You Ain't Got That-, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 20.9.09, 5000 words
Tony makes a discovery about McGee and suddenly the world is a very strange place.

Try Your Back Pocket, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 13.09.09, 1500 words
In which Tim is amenably drunk and Tony has to make up his mind.

It's a Standard Deviation, DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 08.09.09, 9600 words
Give him a computer full of data and Tim will turn it into gold, but when Tony confesses a single vital piece of information it throws him for a loop. Apparently real life can't be rendered in binary.

Let's Do the Show Right. Here!, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 23.08.09, 6300 words
About halfway down his stack of never-ending paperwork it occurs to Tony that though he may have promised not to say anything to anyone about his and McGee's Big Gay Love just yet, there is no clause in the verbal contract against him doing stuff. And, okay, maybe McGee would expect him to stay within the spirit of the law if not the letter, but then he's chosen to throw in his lot with Tony DiNozzo so really, he should know better. Specify, always specify; it's one of DiNozzo's Rules (and if it hadn't been ten seconds ago, who's to know?).

When Worlds Collide, Spill, Or Fall out of Cupboards: Five Ways it could have Happened 10 Years Later, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 30.06.09, 13200 words, sequel to It's Not Only Ships That Pass in the Night.
Five realities, five second meetings--when fate has it in for you, you just have to go along.

Just What is a Karmic-Chi Love Thing, Anyway?, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 14.06.09, 4070 words
Spoilers for 5x12 (Stakeout). In which McGee scrambles more than Tony's eggs.

Tony'd Do Anything for McGee (But he Won't do That), DiNozzo/McGee, NC-17, 14.06.09, 1290 words
Tony isn't saying that the whole screwing/dating McGee thing hasn't been pretty out of left-field, but it turns out he likes having sex with men. With a man. With McGee.

It's Not Only Ships that Pass in the Night, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 12.06.09, 1970 words
Tony receives an unexpected offer.

You're Not the Boss of Me (But You Might be Big), DiNozzo/McGee, R, 09.06.09, 1858 words
The thing about McGee is...well, the thing about McGee is that he started out as marshmallow and somewhere along the way turned into steel.

Rewind, Replay, Reset, Restart, DiNozzo/McGee, R, 07.06.09, 762 words
Post 5x05 (Leap of Faith). Sometimes you just need to change the tape.

Very Special Agent DiNozzo: Investigative Hound, DiNozzo/McGee, PG-13, 31.05.09, 5670 words
A very serious crime has been committed. A crime against Tonymanity. There's only one thing to be done.

Writers Block, DiNozzo/McGee, PG, 26.05.09, 1983 words
There's something standing in the way. And this time it's not Gibbs.