Oh, The Places You'll Go

Miscellaneous fandoms

Big Eden, Blades of Glory, Burn Notice, Castle, Charlie Bartlett, Dollhouse, Eureka, Flashpoint, John Paul & Craig (Hollyoaks), Keen Eddie, Lewis, Life, Life on Mars, Mouse Guard, On the Jellicoe Road, Slings & Arrows, Stargate Atlantis, Star Trek: Voyager, Stonehenge Apocalypse, The Losers, The OC

Only the Trees Will Whisper in the Dark, Henry/Pike, NC-17, 788 words, 25.01.09
Pike isn't to be rushed. He is the mountains and the stars and the trees in the forest. He has his own time.

Bigmouth Strikes Again, Jimmy/Chazz, PG-13, 2100 words, 20.10.08
Takes place in the same 'verse as There Is A Light... Summarised by my beta as "I think this may be my very favourite story that features both discussion of felching AND cookies." Um.

There Is A Light That Never Goes Out, Jimmy/Chazz, PG-13, 11.07, 3233 words
Jimmy's like the ice he skates on, but now it's time to come in from the cold.

Hard Target, Michael/Sam, NC-17, 28.01.10, 1487 words
Michael finds himself in a tight spot. Luckily, Sam's right there to lend a hand.

Ain't No Baby in This Baby Carriage, Ryan/Esposito, PG, 11.10.10, 567 words
Ryan and Espo, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

A Circle Only Has One Side, Ryan/Esposito, NC-17, 25.01.10, 2123 words
Everything great has to start somewhere. Question is, who started it?

A Million Ways to Go, Charlie/Nathan, NC-17, 17.10.09, 3124 words
There are a million ways to go, so how come Charlie wants this one?

On a Cloudy Night You Can't See Stars, Boyd/Topher, NC-17, 07.06.09, 1813 words
Post 1x09 Spy in the House of Love: It's been a strange, strange day, and that's saying a lot; it's not like any day at the Dollhouse can be found under any dictionary definition of normal.

H.O.U.S.E Call, Jack/Henry (kinda), NC-17, 29.07.08, 773 words
Henry's leaving and Jack doesn't know what to do

Get What You Need, Ed/Greg, NC-17, 805 words, 27.01.09
Missing scene for 1x11 (2x03). Greg knows what Eddie needs.

Family Benefits, Ed/Greg, NC-17, 1064 words, 29.07.08
It's team.

Skip To The End, John Paul/Craig, PG-13, 19.04.09, 11170 words
No one said there'd be a whole life after the happy ever after.

Not Waving, John Paul/Craig, NC-17, 24.01.10, 1822 words
John Paul hadn't told Craig what flight he'd be on, but he's here anyway. It should be a relief, but it's not. Nothing is. Not now.

Kiss My Sassafrass, Eddie/Pippin, R, 3.08.08, 763 words
Love in an elevator. Or something like it.

A Song, Incomplete, Lewis^Hathaway, G, 31.05.11, 2242 words
First story in the When Two Go Together Along the Way 'verse
It's all about love really. And there's your problem.

And All Shall Be Made Known, Lewis^Hathaway, G, 06.06.11, 1867 words
Third story in the When Two Go Together Along the Way 'verse
James has somewhere he needs to be.

One Extraordinary Leaf, Lewis^Hathaway, G, 27.06.11, 1604 words
Second story in the When Two Go Together Along the Way 'verse
There's more than one way to dance.

Neither/Nor, Lewis^Hathaway, 12, 30.06.11, 31697 words
Fourth story in the When Two Go Together Along the Way 'verse
"You're mad, or sane; you drive, or walk; you're F. Or are you M?
Our final crucial question: one of us? or one of them?

These, they say, are your choices. Just tick the relevant box.
But what if it so happens we don't want to be orthodox?"
(from Either/Or, UA Fanthorpe)

A famous ex-footballer is found murdered at his home. Lewis and Hathaway, having housing issues of their own, investigate the death and discover truths about families that may have far-reaching consequences.

Tidwell Gets It, Dani/Tidwell, NC-17, 26.01.09, 746 words
He may not always be the sharpest tool in the shed, but this time, for sure, when it counts, Tidwell gets it.

Keep It In Mind, Sam/Gene, NC-17, 24.07.10, 2078 words
Sam keeps having these dreams...

A Well-Written Page, Sam/Gene, R, 29.07.08, 758 words
When the world is songs and nursery rhymes, only one thing can ground Sam

The Thing About Women, Sam/Gene, PG, 06.07, 921 words
Gene dispenses his worldly wisdom about women.

Four Times Gene Hit Sam And One Time He Didn't, Gene/Sam, 15, 05.07, 1111 words
Exactly what it says on the tin.
Audio: .mp3, 3.06MB, 6.42 mins

Five Bosoms Gene Hunt Wishes He'd Never Got Close To, Gene/OFC, Gene/Annie, Gene/Sam, 15, 05.07, 910 words
Gene's encounters with bosoms throughout his life.
Audio: .mp3, 2.6MB, 5.47 mins

Winter, Like a Wolf, Gen, G, 29.12.11, 747 words
Winter is drawing in, and the Mouse Guard know hard times are coming.

All the Broken Pieces of the World Fit Together Again, Fitz/Jude, PG-13, 19.09.10, 885 words
Fitz and Jude spend an afternoon by the river. This is a piece of Hannah's manuscript that Taylor never saw. Though it's Jude/Fitz, really it's Jude/The Fucked-up Four.

Five Times Darren Nichols Avoids Being Committed, Darren, R, 05.07, 1680 words
WARNING: Possible trigger for self-harm/suicide.

Long Division, John/OMC, John/Rodney UST, PG, 27.12.08, 1200 words
When being on the inside looking out is the same as being on the outside looking in.

Syzygy, Rodney/Radek, NC-17, 28.07.08, 773 words
The same words take on new meaning

Stumble Out of the Dark, John/Rodney, R, 19.05.08, 4360 words
Secrets always come out in the dark. WARNING: Sensory deprivation. Mentions of (non-sexual) child abuse.

Five Things Rodney McKay Learns About John Sheppard Whilst Naked, John/Rodney, R, 03.08, 1271 words
Rodney gets to know John better.

Hush, Hush, Whisper Who Dares, Rodney/Radek, R, 01.08, 883 words
When Rodney loses his hearing, Radek is right there.

Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly, Rodney/?, G, 01.08, 1000 words
Rodney's life through cars.

We Will Open the Heavens, Janeway/Chakotay, R, 27.01.09, 606 words
Chakotay hadn't meant to spy...

From Another Time, Jacob/Joseph, NC-17, 18.07.10, 1494 words
It's a bad day for Joseph. Jacob tries to make it better.

Quis Custodiet Who Gives a Rat's Ass?, Cougar/Jensen, PG-13, 05.05.11, 809 words
Pooch watches.

Locked, Loaded and Ready to Roll, Cougar/Jensen, NC-17, 28.07.11, 2064 words,
Jensen doesn't know if Cougar loves dick because he loves his gun, or loves his gun because he loves dick. Either way, Jensen wins, so it doesn't matter.

Crossover with:


Unquiet Ghosts, Cougar/Jensen, Jolene/Pooch, Nick & Cassie, Nick/Kira, R, 25.10.11, 18205 words,
When Jensen passes a seemingly random young girl in the street he's hit with a strange sensation of loss. What he doesn't know is that she holds the key to doors that he didn't even know existed and opening them will change his life—all of their lives—forever.

Long Road to Walk On, Seth/Ryan, PG, 01.08.10, 1689 words,
Seth stopped hugging Ryan after the Portland Summer Adventure of Deep And True Life Lessons (yeah, it's a long title--he's working on it).

Precipitate, Seth/Ryan, NC-1718.07.10, 2418 words
It's raining, and Seth has an awesome plan.