Oh, The Places You'll Go

Green Wing fic

Just Like Whoopi Goldberg, Mac/Guy/Caroline, NC-17, 754 words, 28.01.09 Apparently being dead? Not a great hindrance in the world of shagging.

(The Snappily Titled) Four Times Guy Didn't Say 'Thank You' And One Time He Did, Guy/Mac, R, 01.08, 2734 words
See title, only with more humour and less long-windedness

A Different Angle, Guy/Mac, 15, 06.07, 516 words
It's how you look at it.
Audio: .mp3, 3.47MB, 3.48 mins

A Whole Big Sucking Thing, Guy/Caroline, PG, 06.07, 1033 words
Caroline thinks Guy is looking a little peaky.

Five Things Caroline And Guy Do At Home, Guy/Caroline, 05.07, 1182 words
Exactly what it says on the tin.

After Life, Guy, Mac, Caroline and pretty much every combination thereof, NC-17, 04.07, 3325 words
After Mac dies, the dreams start.

On The Verge, Guy/Caroline, Guy/Mac, PG-13, 03.07, 1419 words
There's something Guy should be thinking.

Askew, Caroline, G, 431 words, 04.07
Comment-fic prompt written for rat_jam. Caroline muses.

Twisting In The Wind Guy/Mac, 15, 446 words,
Comment-fic prompt written for
rat_jam. Guy proves he is a better man than Mac. Honest.

Five Times Guy Says 'Let Me Finish', Guy (eventually Guy/Mac), 15, 03.07, 3347 words
The Evolution of the GuyWanker.
Audio: .mp3, 8.90MB, 4.26 mins

A Necessary End, Guy/Mac, 15, 03.07, 2439 words
"Is there anything that you wanted to do — you know — before you-" Guy's voice hitches and he coughs to clear his throat. Bit of peanut stuck in there, that's all. "Before you shuffle off this mortal whatever. Bucket."

Are You Coming?, Guy/Mac (sort of), Angela, 12, 03.07, 1292 words
Guy makes a bet he may not mind losing.

Two Guys In A Bar, Guy, Mac, PG, 02.07, 2132 words
Two guys in a bar. They've been there some time.