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Lost and Found ‘verse chronology, due South comics

Like a Gift You Can't Return, Ray/Ray, PG, August, 2010, 1158 words
Ray finds a way to say what he needs to say.

Sometimes You Want the Whole Orange, Ray/Ray, NC-17, January, 2010, 799 words
When Ray thinks about it, him and Vecchio, they got something pretty big in common.

Not in Front of the Kid, Ray/Ray, PG-13, July 2009, 29500 words
The one thing Ray and Ray weren't expecting? The Spanish Inquisition. That, and to become fathers overnight. But when four-year-old Harry's mom dies, the only family he has is the father he's never met. Ray and Ray have faced down criminals, stared down the barrel of guns, run after a crazy Mountie more times than they can count, but this? Is their biggest challenge yet.

Days Like These, Ray/Ray, R, June 2009, 900 words
Some days are different

Turn that Frown Upside Down, Ray/Ray, R, February 2009, 3000 words
"Yeah, sure we can still be friends," said Ray with a shrug. "What, you think I'm gonna shun you now? And that would help exactly how?"

Present Perfect, Ray/Ray, NC-17, January 2009, 250 words
Some things don't need adorning.

Let the Sunshine In, Ray/Ray, R, January 2009, 3950 words
Ray's a great detective, he has a nose for things. But when it comes to his personal life, his observational skills? Not so hot.

Meeting the Curve, Ray/Ray, PG-13, January, 2009, 1000 words
The thing is, you get thrown a curveball you can do one of three things: you can hit, you can swing and miss, or you can stare into mid-air and wish you were home in your ma's kitchen sneaking cannoli out from under her indulgent eye. What're you gonna do?

Five Holidays Ray and Ray Managed not to Screw Up, Ray/Ray, PG-13, December 2008, 3300 words
See title. Rays from five different 'verses.
Cosmic Rays, Teen!Rays, Lost and Found Rays, Genderswap Rays, Steampunk Rays

Just for Practice, Ray/Ray, R(ish), November 2008, 3600 words
They lay on the bed there, kissing just for practice. Teen!Rays. WARNING: Underage

Don't Let Kowalski Interview The Perp!, Kowalski, Vecchio, Fraser, G, October 2008,
An homage to the brilliant
Don't Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus! by Mo Willems. Because Kowalski is five and should be in a children's book.

Girls Like You, Ray/Ray, NC-17, September 2008, 1793 words,
Sequel to Boys Like Me. Girl!Kowalski ‘verse
"So," said Kowalski from behind Ray, "this isn't working for me."

Boys Like Me, Ray/Ray, August 2008, NC-17, 1763 words
This time Ray came home to find Kowalski absent-mindedly rubbing himself off on the corner of the kitchen table while peeling the potatoes for dinner. Girl!Kowalski ‘verse.

Strange Constellations, Ray/Ray, PG-13, August 2008, 11636 words
Not until a chance accident strands him in strange lands, does Ray recognize the one constant in his life and exactly what he's left behind.

Team Whimsy fic bomb, Ray/Ray, PG-13, July 2008, 476 words
Waking up fairy. You're doing it wrong.

Kool-Aid and Camels, Ray/Ray, NC-17, July 2008, 776 words
"Bite me," said Kowalski. So Ray had.

Trample Down Barbed Wire, Ray/Ray, R, July 2008, 2321 words
Ray's never been a fan of confined spaces.

The Dumb and the Restless Episode 2: Attack of the Clowns, Ray/Ray, R (ish), June 2008, 4381 words
Sequel to
The Dumb and the Restless
Everyone's behaving strangely these days. It's probably the water.

Under Summer Skies, Ray/Ray, 12, June 2008, 4561 words
In a world long ago, two peoples, two boys, one name.

Powers of Attraction, Ray/Ray, R (ish), May 2008, 2863 words
With great power comes great responsibility, apparently. Lucky for Ray and Ray, their powers? Not so great.

The Dumb And The Restless, Ray/Ray, PG-13, April 2008, 2747 words
There's something distinctly wrong at the 2-7. And in the Great White North. And at a Chicago nursing home. And at a mental institution in [name redacted]. It's not a good day.

Raypunzel, Ray/Ray, R, January 2008, 844 words
Once there was a Chicago princess who was held captive in a high tower...

Right At Home, Ray/Ray, R, January 2008, 748 words
Issues, Kowalski has them. Nothing that can't be solved with a nice bit of porn, though. What? It's effectively PWP and you want a coherent summary? Pshaw.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Ray/Ray, R, January 2008, 908 words
Sometimes office supplies are the only way to deal with a Vecchio.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night, Ray/Ray, PG-13, November 2007, 3650 words
It was a dark and stormy night (or was it?) when Ray received an unexpected visitor.

Team Romance Love Bombs, Fraser/Kowalski, Ray/Ray, PG-13, October 2007, 1412 words total
Five snippets written during

Cosmic Rays, Ray/Ray, NC-17, August/November 2007, 43268 words
The solar system is a big place. Someone has to look out for the little guy. Ray and Ray are COPs, patrolling the void and taking down the bad guys. Ably assisted by star-mechanic Frannie and pilot Ian MacDonald (though some might say his obsession with warp gates is thwarting rather than assisting) they stop at nothing to get their man. Or woman. Equal opportunities crime in the future.
A DVD commentary of this story can be found
HERE. Fun-filled facts galore. Really.

Mick: Who Terrorised The Neighborhood and was Brought Down by The Mountie, OMC, Fraser, Kowalski, gen, November, 2007, PG, 1021 words
The sad tale of a man who dared to cross The Mountie.

How The Ray Was Won, Ray/Ray, PG, October 2007, 8446 words
See title. Or. One name, two men, three tasks and a motif. Or several.

As The Day Begins, Ange Vecchio, gen, G, September 2007, 262 words
Was she even there?

Align, FKV, PG-13, September 2007, 900 words
Three men and a plan.

Modern Household Gods (Or it Takes Three), FKV, G, September 2007, 617 words
Families come in all shapes and sizes.

Wait for the Sunrise, Vecchio, gen, PG, August 2007, 717 words
Sometimes it's time to run. Sometimes it's time to go home.
Part of the Lost and Found 'verse. Prologue to the Prologue. (I know, I know.)

Growing Pains, Vecchio, Frannie, gen, PG, August 2007, 749 words
Ray sees his sister in a new light.
Part of the Lost and Found 'verse. Occurs between
Push and Push and Push Till It Hurts and Restoration: What's Lost is Found.

One Hundred Eighty, Ray/Ray, July 2007, 18, 1551 words
Vecchio's had a bad day. Kowalski helps make it better. With puns. Bad puns.
Part of the Lost and Found 'verse. Occurs between
When the Borders Bleed and The Power of Grace.

No Sure Thing, Ray/Ray, PG-13, July 2007, 881 words
Ray's life used to be full of certainties.
Prologue to the Lost and Found 'verse.

A Passing State of Mind, Ray/Ray, 15, June 2007, 4375 words
Resolution. Make it. Get it. Keep it.
Part of the Lost and Found 'verse. Occurs after
The Power of Grace.

The Nutcracker, Fraser/Kowalski, G, December 2006, 8744 words
Um. The Nutcracker. Due South style.

When the Borders Bleed, Vecchio and various, 15, December 2006, 1380 words
It's an interesting position. He'll have to think about it.
Part of the Lost and Found 'verse. Occurs after
Restoration: What’s Lost Is Found.

The Power of Grace, Ray/Ray, 18, October 2006, 5264 words
Kowalski's leaving. It's time for Ray to find out what kind of man he is.
Part of the Lost and Found 'verse. Occurs after
When the Borders Bleed.

Restoration: What's Lost Is Found, Ray/Ray, 18, September 2006, 4438 words
Because Ray woke up fast one morning and it turns out Vecchio was right. And that, in itself, deserves a national holiday
Part of the Lost And Found 'verse. Occurs after
Growing Pains.

Push and Push and Push Till It Hurts, Ray/Ray, 18, September 2006, 2078 words
He's supposed to be mad. He's supposed to be kicking my head in. And the words he should be kicking out of my head will not stop.
First story in the Lost and Found 'verse.

Ketchup, Ray Vecchio, gen, 12, June 2006, 1232 words
Fraser is like a bottle of ketchup.

Lost and Found ‘verse: ‘verse chronology
Wait for the Sunrise, | Audio: .mp3, 1.82MB, 3.59 mins
No Sure Thing, | Audio: .mp3, 2.48MB, 5.25 mins
Push and Push and Push Till it Hurts, | Audio: .mp3, 5.37MB, 11.44 mins
Growing Pains, | Audio: .mp3, 2.02MB, 4.25 mins
Restoration: What’s Lost Is Found, | Audio: .mp3, 11.4MB, 24.53 mins
When the Borders Bleed, | Audio: .mp3, 3.8MB, 8.19 mins
One Hundred Eighty, | Audio: .mp3, 4.23MB, 9.15 mins
The Power of Grace
A Passing State of Mind

due South comics

Surprise Supplies: A Tale of a Simple Closet, FKV, NC-17/NSFW, May 2008, ~250kb
The closet in the 2-7 has seen a lot of action.

Is It That Time Already?, FKV, G, May 2008, ~200kb
Eventually, the magic, it is gone. *sigh*

Their Girl Fraser, FKV, NC-17/NSFW, April 2008, ~235kb
Fraser's made a proud discovery but no one is paying attention.

Ware! Eagles, Dare, FKV, NC-17/NSFW, March 2008, ~210kb/inc 1200 word fic
Fraser tries to speak his mind. Contains comic and related fic.

Daddy's Boy, FKV, R, March 2008, ~165kb
Dead!Bob weighs in.

Suspenders of Disbelief, FKV, NC-17/NSFW, March 2008, ~135kb
Fraser is up to something.

Second Verse, Same As The First, FKV, PG-13, March 2008, ~165kb
What exactly is going on with that Stetson?

This Is How It Works, FKV, NC-17/NSFW, March 2008, ~120kb
Fraser's got something to show the boys.