Oh, The Places You'll Go

A Knight’s Tale fic

γλαυκῶπις (With Gleaming Eyes), Wat/Chaucer, R(ish), 21.07.10, 1749 words
Geoff is like the owl: both searching the night for something they need.

Think I Need a Devil to Help Me Get Things Right, Wat/Chaucer, PG-13, 28.03.10, 1740 words
When Wat's having trouble with the laaadies, Geoff's right on hand to help him out.

Out of the Darkness More Brightly, Wat/Chaucer, PG-13, 8985 words, 04.01.10. Geoff said he'd be back for Wat. He just hadn't expected to have to go so far.

From the Ashes, Wat/Chaucer, PG-13, 2672 words, 07.02.09. Wat kissed Will and Chaucer didn't like it. Not one bit.

Wherever You Go, Wat/Chaucer, NC-17, 763 words, 25.01.09 It takes a lot to rob a writer of his words.

Getting the Message, Wat/Chaucer, soft R, 2991 words, 23.01.09 Not all news is bad news. Story 4.5 in the Allegoriverse.

Better Than a Cloak, Wat/Chaucer, G, 653 words, 28.12.08 Chaucer loves his coat. Story 2.5 in the Allegoriverse.

This is the Road to Ruin, Wat/Chaucer, NC-17, 2300 words, 22.12.08 This is the road to ruin, and his heart's as light as air.

Stitch In Time, Wat/Chaucer, other, G, 3200 words, 02.12.08 Geoffrey is sick and Wat has a new pastime. Story 5 in the Allegoriverse.

Something Old, Something New? Gen, PG, 1222 words, 12.11.08 Wat has a question for Kate. Story 4 in the Allegoriverse.

Consummate Desire, Wat/Chaucer, R, 1800 words, 13.11.08 Wat has two unpleasant surprises for Chaucer. Story 3 in the Allegoriverse.

Why We Are, Team, G, 800 words, 10.11.08 William comes first. No matter what their own urges, own desires, may be, William comes first because without him, they are nothing. Again.

Five Ways Wat Has Sinned and One Way He Means To, Just As Soon As Chaucer Lets Him, Wat (Wat/Chaucer (kinda), R, 900 words, 7.11.08 The clue is in the title.

Further On Up the Road, Chaucer/Wat, PG-13 (tending to R), 3000 words, 5.11.08 It's the night after the World Championships and Chaucer faces a difficult choice. Story 2 in the Allegoriverse

Ramble On, Chaucer/Wat, PG-13, 2900 words, 2.11.08 God or the Devil had chosen this path for him and he had little choice but to follow it to journey's end. Which would probably be a fist through the brain, he thought prosaically. Story 1 in the Allegoriverse.

Takin' Care of Business, Chaucer/Wat, R, 2100 words, 1.11.08 All Wat wants is a little peace to take care of business. Chaucer has other plans.

Allegoriverse Chronology
Ramble On
Further On Up the Road
Better Than a Cloak
Consummate Desire
Something Old, Something New?
Getting the Message
Stitch in Time